Top 10 Hottest X (Formerly Twitter) Gay OnlyFans You Can’t Resist

Hey, brace yourself for a super cool countdown that’s gonna add some excitement! These super hot gay from X (formerly on Twitter) have ditched the tweets and gone all out with seriously sexy content on OnlyFans.

And guess what? We’ve compiled the ultimate list of the most sizzling X (formerly twitter) Gay OnlyFans creators that you absolutely can’t miss.

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Top 10 Hottest X (Formerly Twitter) Gay OnlyFans You Can’t Resist

1. Logan Wall

Gay OnlyFans model from X (formerly Twitter) named Logan Wall @loganwall wearing a shades

Logan, the epitome of youthful energy and athletic prowess. This strapping gay from X (formerly twitter) offers a tantalizing mix of scintillating photos and videos on his OnlyFans.

Brace yourself for a journey through his world of athleticism, as @loganwall showcases his impressive physique, mesmerizing you with every flex and pose.

From his athlete prowess to his big, throbbing… energy, you can expect to find content tagged with athlete, big dick, college, feet, jacking, muscle, smooth, solo, and sports. Oh, the possibilities that await!

2. horsecock92

Gay OnlyFans model from X (formerly Twitter) named horsecock92 @horsecock92 wearing a black shorts

Let me introduce you to the one and only Horsecock92, a name that grabs your attention straight away. You won’t believe the captivating mix of photos and videos he shares on his OnlyFans.

As a dominant daddy, @horsecock92 got that special charm to keep you mesmerized and totally hooked. Brace yourself to witness his mind-blowing package and dive into his wildest fantasies.

Check out this dude’s stuff—his content’s tagged with labels like “anon,” “big dick,” “fucking,” “oral,” and “solo.” Get ready for a crazy joyride from this gay dude from X (used to be on Twitter)! Hang on tight!

3. Jack_Bailey

Gay OnlyFans model from X (formerly Twitter) named Jack_Bailey @jack_baileyxxx wearing a cap

So, I gotta introduce you to Jack! He’s this mischievous and playful gay guy from X (formerly twitter), and man, he knows how to tease and please. On his OnlyFans, he’s got this incredible mix of mind-blowing photos and videos that’ll absolutely leave you speechless.

@jack_baileyxxx all about showing off and wants you to dive into his world of wild and steamy action. Get ready for a wild ride filled with raw adventures, mind-blowing blowjobs, and heart-pumping threesomes.

Look out for content tagged with bareback, blowjobs, boy, cumdump, fucking, jockstraps, solo, and threesomes. Prepare yourself for an exhilarating journey with this daring soul!

4. Yungdomtop

Gay OnlyFans model from X (formerly Twitter) named Yungdomtop @Yungdomtop taking a selfie

Let’s chat about Yungdomtop, the ultimate boss of this game. This gay scottish dude from X (previously on Twitter) is seriously impressive – he’s tough, charming, and totally runs the show.

If you’re up for it, his OnlyFans is where you’ll find a mind-blowing collection of explicit and amateur-style content. Brace yourself for a wild ride as @Yungdomtop shows off his dominance and gives in to his unstoppable craving for pleasure.

Check out his tagged content featuring Dom, Dom/Sub, fucking, jockstraps, and underwear. Ready to fall under the spell of this Scottish heartthrob? Let’s go!

5. Blondie Paul

Gay OnlyFans model from X (formerly Twitter) named Blondiepaul @blondiepaul wearing a boxer

Blondiepaul! He’s a total legend on X (previously known as Twitter). This gay guy knows how to bring the party with mind-blowing fun and wild adventures. Trust me, his OnlyFans profile is off the charts, taking pleasure to a whole new level!

Get ready for a world of explicit goodies, fresh updates every day, and the chance to chat one-on-one. With @blondiepaul drop-dead gorgeous body, he leaves nothing to the imagination, inviting you to dive into a realm where games, kinks, and nudity all come together.

Brace yourself for an exciting journey packed with thrilling encounters, sultry blondes, tight jockstraps, and epic solo adventures.

6. Max Konnor

Gay OnlyFans model from X (formerly Twitter) named Maxkonnor @xltop2 wearing a shorts

Let me tell you about Maxkonnor, the total package of power and sex appeal. This dude is straight fire on OnlyFans, making everyone’s hearts skip a beat.

His posts include a mix of jaw-dropping pics and videos that take you on a wild ride through his world of passion and desire. Brace yourself for his mind-blowing muscles, irresistible charm, and endless craving for pleasure.

@xltop2 hit you with tags like big dick, black, blowjobs, fucking, groups, tattoos, and threesomes, guaranteeing an unforgettable, thrilling experience.

7. Fioraxxx

Gay OnlyFans model from X (formerly Twitter) named Fioraxxx @andrefiora wearing a brief

Get ready for Fioraxxx, the hottest Italian on OnlyFans! When you dive into his world of sizzling sensuality, be prepared for an intense desire overload.

This muscle-bound stud knows how to grab your attention with his captivating pics and vids. @andrefiora will show off his impressive body and get down and dirty in moments of pure steamy pleasure.

From big dick and fucking to Italian, scruff, and showering, get ready to explore a pleasure-packed realm like no other. Can you handle the passionate embrace of Fioraxxx?

8. James Yalch

Gay OnlyFans model from X (formerly Twitter) named JamesYalch @JamesYalch wearing a short

James Yalch, the ultimate British heartthrob with that charming and irresistible vibe. This dude’s straight outta London, bringing the heat with his sizzling content on OnlyFans.

Brace yourself, ’cause he’s got a wicked mix of photos and videos that’ll blow your mind, showing off his unreal looks and unstoppable thirst for pleasure. Being a sexy bottom twink, he knows exactly how to tease and fulfill your wildest cravings.

@JamesYalch stuff’s all about anal, ass play, being blonde, blowjobs, bottom action, being a boy, British vibes, dildos, and being uncut.

9. DamagedBttm

Gay OnlyFans model from X (formerly Twitter) named DamagedBttm @damagedbttm wearing a boxer

DamagedBttm, a sub bottom from the exciting city of Chicago who loves diving deep into his wildest desires. On his super hot OnlyFans account, he shares an irresistible mix of pics and vids that take you right into his world of pure passion.

Get ready for a wild ride of explicit encounters as he fearlessly explores blowjobs, Dom/Sub play, fucking, gangbangs, groups, rimming, scruff, being a sub, and threesomes.

With each seductive look and daring pose, @damagedbttm will leave you craving for more. Are you up for an exhilarating journey through pleasure with this adventurous soul?leasure with this adventurous soul?

10. Viking Muscle

Gay OnlyFans model from X (formerly Twitter) named VikingMuscle @vikingmuscle taking aselfie

VikingMuscle, the coolest gay dad ever from X (which used to be Twitter).@vikingmuscle is like a real-life Viking warrior with all the strength and sexiness you can imagine.

Check out his kickass OnlyFans page where @vikingmuscle shares a blend of smokin’ hot pics and videos that flaunt his chiseled bod and total alpha vibes.

Brace yourself for a wild ride into a world where passion knows no limits. With tags like feet, fucking, harnesses, jockstraps, muscle, and scruff, VikingMuscle takes pleasure to a whole new level and leaves you yearning for more of his magnetic presence.

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