Dick Rating OnlyFans: 10 Best Dick Rate OnlyFans Models

What are some of the best OnlyFans dick rating accounts that you should subscribe to? In this article, we have listed some of the best creators that will do dick ratings for you.

If there’s anything that men worry about the most, then it’s definitely how their dick looks and if it’ll be able to satisfy the hottest women on earth or not. Imagine there was a way to find that out. Well, welcome to the world of dick ratings on OnlyFans by creators.

The place where hot women on OnlyFans will look at their follower’s dick and say honest things about it. 

The best part? 

Some creators do this for free because they know how much their thoughts & eyes are valued and appreciated by their male followers.  However, if you’re looking for the best results given to you, especially in a video then you’ll have to spend a few bucks. Some creators even give tips on how you can improve your dick; grow it a bit more, make it look a bit thicker, and so on. 

In the following article, we’ll be looking at some of the best dick-rating OnlyFans creators that you can follow in 2023 and find out what they have to say about the Ninja between your legs!

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Best Dick rating OnlyFans Creators in 2024: Quick Look

Top 10 Dick Rating OnlyFans Accounts to follow in 2024

#1 Lindsey Pelas

Dick Rating OnlyFans page screenshot - Lindsey Pelas: @lindseypelas


  • 317 videos
  • Free Subscription


About Lindsey:

Welcome to the world of this amazing American Hollywood Actress and Glam Model. Lindsey is one of the hottest women in the entire LA and the best part? You get to show your Jam to her for a few bucks and she’ll tell if she’s ever going to consider it or not.

@lindseypelas is also a former Playboy model, and since 2013, she’s done multiple shoots for the sizzling Playboy Magazine. @lindseypelas also attended several Playboy Mansion parties and has also played poker with Dan Bilzerian! Other than that, Lindsey has also been featured in top magazines including Maxim, GQ, and Glamour. So it’s safe to say that this Hottie is the best there is on OnlyFans if you’re looking to hear the good and the bad about your dick. 

Apart from rating your dick rated, Lindsey shares some amazing Hot stuff on her OnlyFans, but a lot of it is behind PPV. You’ll also get the latest updates from her about her amazing Hollywood life! 

#2 Tayy

Dick Rating OnlyFans page screenshot - Tayy: @tayylavie


  • 199 videos
  • 1.5k images
  • 30 days free trial


About Tayy:

Welcome to the world of Tayy, the Booty princess of OnlyFans. 

Tay is blonde and has some of the world’s most attractive assets i.e. her booty and tits. She is loved for her sexy lifestyle, in which she doesn’t shy away from showing off both of her booty and tits. 

This blonde OnlyFans model is also going to rate your dick and let you know if you’re a man enough to actually spank her booty and suck her tits or not. But beware, Tayy has been known to have high standards, so if you’re okay with hearing some criticism about your rocket, then do share a picture and let her say whatever she wants to. Also, make sure you tip her enough and the picture you send her is well taken. 

Other than a dick rating, Tayy’s OnlyFans is quite addictive. @tayylavie has an amazing life and a hot-sizzling body, which you’ll love to see, and the best is, you get 30 days free to make up your mind, so don’t say No without giving Tayy a try!

#3 Goddess Oksana

Dick Rating OnlyFans page screenshot - Goddess Oksana: @ooksiiii


  • 259 videos
  • 2.6k images
  • $4 per month


About Oksana:

What if I told you there’s a Gorgeous Goddess and a Model who will rate your dick? Well, yes! This is who Goddess Oksana is. She’s a gorgeous blonde Mistress who loves to do all things dirty on her OnlyFans which also happens to be rating your dick.

But before sending @ooksiiii your dick, remember she’s worshiped by men with better dicks than yours and that she’s a Goddess who wouldn’t care about your feelings! So if that’s a yes then hop into her DMs and proceed from there.

Other than a dick rating, Oksana has a wonderful juicy OnlyFans where you can find fetish-friendly content, full nudity, and lots of custom content. While she’s extremely high class, she’s also very dirty and should be rated PG 24!

#4 Momma

Dick Rating OnlyFans page screenshot - Momma: @delovelycurves


  • 55 live streams
  • 629 videos
  • 204k images
  • Free Subscription


About Momma:

Another amazing OnlyFans creator for dick rating is Momma who wants to play with any dick she can find. 

Momma is a XXX MILF pornstar and has done countless films. @delovelycurves a top 1% creator on OnlyFans who focuses on MILF content which also includes the dick rating of her followers. She’s also a princess of Sexting so if you want to have more fun then you can ask her to rate your dick and also sext with you! Because she will put you on fire. 

Other than rating your dick, on her OnlyFans, you can find lots of images and videos but sadly the majority of them are behind a PPV so you’ll have to spend some bucks to reveal them but they sure will be worthy!

#5 Ari Aoki

Dick Rating OnlyFans page screenshot - Ari Aoki: @ariaoki


  • 304 images
  • $5 per month

About Ari:

Have you had a penchant for Asian American babes? If so then you’re in LUCK! Because Air Aoki, An American Japanese, is going to blow you away. 

This babe is gorgeous, she’s extremely hot and has a massive penchant for big dicks but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t send a dick pic to her for ratings if your size is small. Because @ariaoki doesn’t mind what kind of a dick you have and would rather rate it with pure love and respect for you!

Other than that, her OnlyFan is filled with her juicy content where she doesn’t mind showing off her body and asking you to tell how she looks. She’s a bit sensual and loves wearing lingerie. She also does solo videos, threesomes, sexting, and just so much more of your wildest dreams!

#6 GoddessG

Dick Rating OnlyFans page screenshot - GoddessG: @goddessguzman


  • 25 live streams
  • 216 videos
  • 119 images
  • Free Subscription


About GoddessG:

If you’re into Latinos and dick rating then there’s no better than Goddess Guzman or GoddessG. She’s got a hot sizzling body and a very cool personality. However, just like any other Goddess, she demands your utmost attention and dedication, which of course, also includes you spending some extra cash to serve her. 

You can ask @goddessguzman for a dick rating but keep in mind, it doesn’t come cheap, nor it’d include many encouraging words because that’s how GoddessG roles; to impress her, you have to be really good, and if you’re not then she’ll make it very clear. 

Other than dick ratings, GoddessG is quite active on her OnlyFans. She constantly uploads solo videos, threesomes, and much more. She also does monthly live streams where you can chat with this gorgeous Latina. She’s also open to a paid sexting session. 

#7 Mrs Ava Andrews

Dick Rating OnlyFans page screenshot - Mrs Ava Andrews: @mrsavaandrews


  • 336 videos
  • 2.2k images
  • $9.99 per month


About Ava:

Mrs Ava Andrews is here to rate your dick, and she’ll be kind despite seeing multiple amazing dicks in her life. She’s a 43-year-old Hot Wife and a mom of 2 kids. Her profile doesn’t show her face much visibly but trust me, the secrecy is what will spark curiosity. 

You can request a dick rating which usually comes for free when you subscribe to her. @mrsavaandrews dick ratings are quite detailed and encouraging. So even if your size isn’t that big, she’ll take care of you!

On her OnlyFans, you’ll be amazed because of the variety of content she’ll fill your timeline with. She does solo, Blow Jobs, Sexting, selling panties, and just so much more as long as you can muster the courage to ask her!

#8 Hillary

Dick Rating OnlyFans page screenshot - Hillary: @hillary_sweets


  • 11 live streams
  • 103 videos
  • 3.9k images
  • Free Subscription

About Hillary:

Welcome to the amazing, slutty world of this 21-year-old Bitch who just wouldn’t stop staring at big dicks and doing sex. Hillary has a problem and that’s her MEGA sex drive, which doesn’t get fulfilled that easily and this shows on her OnlyFans. She loves doing dick ratings for her followers, and the best part? All of her dick ratings are done via a video where she will call you multiple times. 

Sure, Hillary is young, but @hillary_sweets got tons of experience, and her ratings will be ON point!

Other than that, Hillary is quite into many things, which include games and competitions, and role-play shoots; she’s also fetish-friendly and loves to do sexting! Other than that, you can directly ask her on her OnlyFans, and most likely if the pay is fair, she’ll oblige. 

#9 Evie

Dick Rating OnlyFans page screenshot - Evie: @littleeviejones


  • 28 live streams
  • 228 videos
  • 3.9k images
  • $4 for 31 days


About Evie:

The last one on our list of best dick-rating OnlyFans creators is Evie. She’s an Australian who loves everything about sex, traveling, and gardening. The best part?

When you subscribe to @littleeviejones, you get a free dick rating which is filled with enthusiasm and love because, at the end of the day, this Australian cutie is also all about Love. 

On her OnlyFans, you can also contact her for video calls, live sexting, playing video games, and all sorts of custom content, and if you’re being too nice, you can expect some rewards! She also does all sorts of porn videos that include facials, BBC, tinder hookups, squirting, lesbian, strap-ons, and just so much more. 

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Dick Ratings on OnlyFans: FAQs

Is dick rating on OnlyFans expensive?

It can be expensive depending upon who you’re asking to rate your dick. However, generally, it is going to cost you somewhere between $4 to $25. But if you want to get your dick rated by someone hot and famous then it can cost you even up to $200. 

Is dick rating common on OnlyFans?

Dick rating is indeed very common on OnlyFans because there’s a massive demand for it and most of the creators have seen multiple dicks in their lives so for them to rate one isn’t an issue. 

Is OnlyFans dick ratings free?

Dick ratings on OnlyFans can be free, but it is still recommended you spend some amount of money as this will help the creator, who will be spending some time looking at your PP and then sharing her thoughts. Being polite and chivalrous is never a bad idea. 

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