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Top 10 BEST Tennis Models OnlyFans Accounts

Adi Spiegelman holding a tennis racket in a white dress

Looking for a tennis player OnlyFans page? Then this article is curated just for you!

Many tennis players, including former tennis players, join the onlyfans community in an effort to advance their career or expand their exposure to adult entertainment as they fully embraced the platform. 

Discover a whole other side of these sports icons by checking our list of the best tennis onlyfans accounts.

Get a special peek into the private life of your favorite tennis players as they display their unique talents and interesting content on their tennis only fans.

From behind-the-scenes footage, exclusive glimpse into these tennis star onlyfans both on and off the court, to intimate moments, these tennis only fans stars are ready to serve up excitement and engage with their loyal fans like never before.

Dive into the world of tenis onlyfans and experience a whole new level of connection with your favorite athletes.

Highly Recommended OnlyFans Models



Antonella Maria


Vera Ivanova


Mia Shica


List of Tennis Players With Onlyfans

1. Adi Spiegelman

Adi Spiegelman holding a racket in the court wearing tennis outfit

Introducing Adi Spiegelman, a sexy tennis babe and the former tennis star who made a surprising career transition to OnlyFans. After a successful journey in the world of professional tennis, Adi decided to step away from the sport and enter a new path.

She was lured to the appeal of OnlyFans since it allowed her to freely express her femininity and establish more personal connections with those who supported her throughtout her career.

If you are one of the tennis enthusiasts, you should definitely check out Adi’s OnlyFans account, she brings her talent on the court to her bedroom showing you her most intimate side. 

It’s your turn to discover why she now the top-rated tennis only fans player among with all of the tennisgirl onlyfans today!

2. Angelina Graovac

Angelina Graovac holding a tennis racket wearing a cap and a ponytail in the court

The gorgeous australian tennis player only fans who has chosen an unusual route to pursue her Grand Slam goals.

In a risky move, Graovac signed up for the well-known adult entertainment OnlyFans in 2020, hoping to use its potential to find the funds needed to support her sporting pursuits.

In the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic’s uncertainties, when many athletes and sports organizations experienced financial difficulties, Graovac made the decision to capitalize on her fame and provide her avid fans with seductive content.

As a subscriber to her OnlyFans, you’ll gain access to her daily exclusive contents and she is also the one replying to all her messages.

Don’t miss out on the chance to be part of her exclusive community and witness how she solidify her spot as top only fans tennis.

3. Tennis With Tay

Tennis With Tay in the court wearing glasses and holding a tennis racket

Tennis with Tay, your ultimate source for all things tennis! With her OFTV account, she caters to tennis enthusiasts, sharing the best techniques to enhance your skills on the court.

But wait! That’s not all that she offers. Tennis with Tay also has an OnlyFans account where she showcases her wild side. Just show your support through tips and let her know your desires and be direct what you wanna see. She loves a man who really knows what they want.

Are you one of that man? Then, get ready to experience tennis like never before with her!


MOJITO in a yacht wearing a pink bikini

Meet Mojito, the former professional tennis player hailing from Miami. While she still enjoys playing tennis, but her focus has shifted to her career on OnlyFans.

With her amazing features and curves, Mojito has secured her position as the hot busty tennis babe and being the ultimate female athlete onlyfans on the platform.

Mojito made the difficult choice to end her career as a tennis player after years of commitment and success in the professional tennis field. Mojito understood there were other paths she wanted to take despite her love for the sport so she decided to become the top tennis player onlyfans.

With this bold move, she was able to bring together her natural sensuality and athletic talent to give her loyal fans an unforgettable and thrilling experience making her one of the sought onlyfans tennis player.

5. Tamara Bojanic

Tamara Bojanic standing wearing a sunglasses and a white dress

Tamara Bojanic, an ex-professional tennis player, made a daring career change that left fans in shock.

After years of gracing the tennis courts with her incredible skills, she decided to trade in her racket for a camera and embrace a new path.

With her curvaceous body and undeniable charm, Tamara found her calling and now become the hot busty tennis brunette babe on the platform.

She left the competitive tennis world behind and now attracts fans with exciting content that displays her amazing body. As of today, Tamara has established herself as one of the top tennis onlyfans.

6. Ayileen

Ayileen (@ayileen) wearing a daring top looking straight at the camera

Ayileen (@ayileen), she calls herself as the little unconventional tennis player. She is only 19 years old, has set out on a brand-new adventure. She continues to take pleasure in her love of tennis, but she has her sights set on the world of OnlyFans and determined to be the best athletes on onlyfans.

Although she is still new to the onlyfans, she already brings a special combination of innocence and desire.

You might be fooled by her shy, sweet demeanour BUT she has a wild side just aching to be explored BY YOU!

Ayileen is dedicated to prove herself as one of the leading athlete onlyfans page, despite not having fully adapted to the platform yet.

7. Anastasia Hill

Anastasia Hill kneeling on the tennis court holding a racket

Anastasia Hill, a skilled hot tennis babe with a passion for the game, is here ready to take your balls!

She’s been playing with Tennis balls since 2016 so she might blow your mind.

Anastasia prioritizes being online on the OnlyFans platform is she is not studying or training as she is eager to interact with her followers.

Now she is one of the top-rated tennis star onlyfans out there.

She wants nothing more than to make you happy, so she invites you to message her directly and share your wildest fantasies and kinks.

8. Laura

Model holding a racket and wearing a full on tennis outfit

Laura (@laura.woz), a tennis enthusiast who may not be a professional but plays with the skill and grace of one.

While she spends her free time on the court, there’s more to Laura than meets the eye. On her OnlyFans, she sheds her perceived innocence and embraces her hidden desires.

She started onlyfans because she felt that while everyone thought of her as always being pure and innocent, there were times when she didn’t feel that way. She needed to find a place where she could show off her not-so innocent side.

In addition, she likes doing custom videos even the kinkiest one for you. No fantasy is too kinky for her to explore. So, join Laura on her OnlyFans page and get ready to witness a sexy beast that lies inside of her.

9. Viky

Viky (@viky-sxy) lying on the floor holding a tennis racket and a cap

Viky (@viky-sxy) is currently learning Tennis showcasing the photos on her onlyfans account along with the intimate one. She will surely spice up your conversation through sexting.

Although Viky may be in the early stages of her tennis journey, she confidently considers herself the hottest tennisgirl onlyfans.

This tennis onlyfans girl’s hot content and sexy personality are bound to leave you mesmerized.

You may think that she have a devilish body but this sexy tennis babe swears she’s a good girl but you can find out more by yourself if you subscribe now.


Nina Hot in a black lingerie

Nina Hot, a talented tennis player from sunny California. Nina is not afraid to embrace her perverted side and openly shares her desires, tastes, and sexual liking that’s why her fans call her hot busty tennis brunette babe.

She made her onlyfans page so you can talk and play as many times as you want! And she is determined to fulfill your biggest and dirtiest desire.

This tenis onlyfans babe offers sexting, video call, live 1-1 session on snapchat, and many more!

Find out why this tennis star onlyfans is thriving for yourself and join Nina now.

FAQ About These Only fans Tennis Babe

Who is the tennis player on OnlyFans?

A. Some notable tennis players on OnlyFans include Adi Spiegelman, Angelina Graovac, Tennis with Tay, and many more listed above. Each of them brings their own unique style and offerings to the platform, catering to both tennis enthusiasts and those looking for more intimate content.

Who is the Australian No 1 tennis player only fans?

A. As of the moment, Angelina Graovac is the Australian No 1 tennis star onlyfans.

Where can I find Ashley Harkleroad onlyfans?

A. Ashley Harkleroad was an Ex-tennis star turned Playboy & OnlyFans model. She had an account on onlyfans but unfortunately her onlyfans page was deleted.

Why tennis player turned on onlyfans?

A. The aforementioned female athlete onlyfans above turned on onlyfans because of various reason. Some joined the platform to fund their career, explore new paths, for empowerment, and many more.

Do I get to see them being naughty in the court?

A. Ofcourse! You can request a custom video to them and they will gladly film something naughty for you.

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